NEW Silhouette High Gain Antenna for Mobile Operations

Silhouette High Gain Antenna for Mobile Operations

The Silhouette™ is field proven in everyday use with hundreds of antennas in operation worldwide. Its design concept has been imitated, however its performance and reliability are unmatched. NSI is pleased to introduce the next generation of Silhouette™ antennas. Our new 2 GHz models incorporate a number of improvements requested by leading ENG truck manufacturers, including:

  • REDUCED LENGTH - The length of the Silhouette™ (back of the reflector to the end of the feed) has been significantly reduced to improve clearance in the antenna down/stowed position. The Silhouette™ length is now less than its generic counterpart.
  • REDUCED WEIGHT - The weight of the Silhouette™ antenna has been reduced and is now more than 10% lighter than its generic counterpart.
  • Polarization Control via Switched Ground - Our new 2 GHz quad polarized models feature polarization control via switched grounds to be fully compatible with the transmitters from all of the major U.S. manufacturers.

The improvements to the Silhouette™ have been made without compromising performance. The Silhouette™ antenna length was reduced while maintaining the proper location of the feed at the focal point of the parabolic reflector, resulting in a crisp main lobe, low sidelobes and full gain performance. The Silhouette's™ superior beam control and gain maximize the range and ensure the quality of the microwave link. Silhouette™ antennas are available from NSI as well as from leading ENG truck manufacturers.

Silhouette™ Data Sheet

NEW SCU-420 Series

New:SCU-420 Series

NSI system control units combine superior performance with field proven reliability to provide complete on-site control and monitoring of central receive systems. They also provide the interface to the NSI MC5 remote control master unit for the control of the central receive antenna, the associated digital receiver and spectrum analyzer as well as other equipment at the remote site, such as routers and PTZ cameras. The SCU-420 Series is the replacement for the SCU-320 Series, incorporating the same field proven latching relays, digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs and outputs, serial COM ports and advanced regenerative control for the positioner of steerable antennas. In addition, the SCU-420 Series features improvements such as:

  • A built in Ethernet port for remote control over IP
  • An additional serial COM port
  • Three USB ports
  • System control unit software and configuration changes are now possible via USB memory stick.

SCU-420 Series system control units are available for new installations as well as replacements for existing SCU-320 units. Contact NSI for details.

SCU-420 Data Sheet