MC5 PC Based Remote Control System

MC5 PC Based Remote Control System
User Friendly Operation

Field proven with law enforcement and television news operations worldwide, the NSI MC5 represents the state-of-the-art in PC based remote control systems. Its user friendly control panels feature straight forward control buttons and meters, providing intuitively easy operation and a short learning curve. The MC5 also includes several advanced automatic functions to simplify and enhance daily operations

PC Based Design

At the heart of the MC5 is the MC Pro™ software which operates on standard PC compatible computers and with standard modems and monitors, ensuring future hardware support. NSI offers a variety of touchscreen monitors, modems and other components to meet requirements of each application.

Multiple Site Control

A single MC5 master unit can control up to 99 remote sites with up to 10 equipment control panels per remote site. In addition, there is no limit to the number of remote sites each master unit can be connected with simultaneously. The MC5 can use a variety of methods for communications between the master units and the remote sites, such as 2- or 4-wire dedicated lines, dial up and Ethernet. And remote sites can be configured for multiple communications paths. This capability can be used to provide redundant communication paths to the remote site, such as using a dial up POTS as a backup to an IP connection.

Multiple Master Control

Multiple MC5 master units can be networked together, each with user defined access to the remote sites and the equipment control panels. In addition, the MC5 can be configured for non-networked, multi-master control of the remote sites over separate communication paths.

Split Screen Operation

Multiple equipment control panels can be displayed concurrently on the MC5 master unit monitor. Each equipment control panel is fully active, enabling the operator to monitor and control multiple sites and systems simultaneously. The multiple control panel display is user defined, ranging from 2 to 25 panels, and each equipment control panel can be switched to a full single panel mode at the touch of a button.

User Defined Control

The MC5 features an advanced Administrator module that enables the user to custom tailor the system to meet the operational requirements of each application. Through the Administrator, the user can define all of the parameters of the remote control, including the communications between the mater and remote units, the graphic display and operation of each equipment control panel as well as the interface to the equipment under control. The MC5 also includes a Help module that provides complete step-by-step instructions for the Administrator module as well as the operation of control panel functions and features.

Wide Range of Equipment Control

The MC5 provides complete remote control and monitoring for a wide range of equipment including:

MC5 PC Based Remote Control System