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Who is NSI?

NSI develops, manufactures and supports microwave antenna systems, PC based remote controls and remote camera systems for law enforcement and television news operations. Applications include electronic news gathering (ENG), airborne law enforcement (ALE) and other live event applications.

Background: The microwave antenna and remote control product line that has become NSI was established in 1972 as the commercial product group of Nurad, Incorporated. In 1991, it became a stand-alone company with key members...



Silhouette High Gain Antenna for Mobile Operations

The Silhouette™ is field proven in everyday use with hundreds of antennas in operation worldwide. Its design concept has been imitated, however its performance and reliability are unmatched. NSI is pleased to introduce the next generation of Silhouette™ antennas.

SCU-420 Series System Control Units

NSI system control units combine superior performance with field proven reliability to provide complete on-site control and monitoring of central receive systems. They also provide the interface to the NSI MC5 remote control master unit for the control of the central receive antenna, the associated digital receiver and spectrum analyzer as well as other equipment at the remote site, such as routers and PTZ cameras.